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To Tell The Truth :

....A three-year-old British girl is taken from a Spanish beach while on holiday with her parents. Nobody heard a sound. Nobody saw a thing. Or so they claim. Meanwhile, on the nearby Costa del Sol, Rosie Gilmour is enjoying a well-deserved vacation: one that is cut short when the abduction story breaks and she's sent to cover it. 

Rosie's instincts tell her something's wrong. Such a crime, committed in broad daylight, must surely have its witnesses. Moreover, the girl's mother's story just doesn't add up. When Rosie is approached by an illegal sex worker with information about the abduction, she knows these instincts are correct. 

Key information about the crime is being withheld from the authorities. The reason: corrupt politicians and vicious human trafficking gangs - enemies one would think twice about making. But thinking twice is not in Rosie Gilmour's DNA, especially when a young child's life is at stake. And, as Rosie closes in on the truth, she realises the penalty for missing this particular deadline is just that, death. 

Reviews for To Tell The Truth:

To Tell The Truth follows on from Anna Smith’s debut crime novel The Dead Wont Sleep and continues the story of Glaswegian reporter, Rosie Gilmour. I really enjoyed The Dead Wont Sleep and was not disappointed with To Tell The Truth, which displayed all of the intensity, suspense and grit I expected. - Shots Crime Ezine

To Tell the Truth is a complex and well-crafted story. Smith creates many different storylines that run simultaneously ((view spoiler)), weaves them together well, and manages to tie them all up in the end without it seeming contrived. - Good Reads

If you enjoyed The Dead Won’t Sleep, then you won’t be disappointed by this second installment in the series . The essential ingredients of the ballsy, uncompromising journalist, a hard-hitting story, strong language and plenty of action are all there. - Novel Heights

Smith brings the characters to life and you know that she is drawing on her own experiences in telling these unpalatable stories. - Euro Crime

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