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Screams in the Dark:

Glasgow, June, 1999. Rosie has just returned from the war in Kosovo where she witnessed the brutality of Serbian soldiers butchering their way through Kosovan towns and villages.

Now, traumatised refugees fleeing the conflict have flooded into Glasgow. But the city with the big heart, that once opened it’s arms to the stricken refugees from Bosnia, Rwanda and the Sudan, is becomin sour. Steeped in its own problems with poverty and unemployment, the mushrooming underclass is simmering with resentment that refugees are given priority in housing and welfare. One by one, refugees are beginning to disappear without trace. The authorities believe they have simply vanished into the black economy and moved elsewhere…until the mutiliated body of an Albanian man is fished out of the River Clyde. Police point the finger at bitter, racist vigilantes. But when a lawyer working for refugees is found hanged in his Glasgow office, something more sinister begins to unfold.

When Rosie scratches the surface of a protest outside a block of flats, where tenants are complaining that Glaswegians are now second class citizens, she embarks on the trail of a massive story. A young Kosovan man weeps as he pleads with her to help find his best friend who was kidnapped. And as Rosie digs deeper, she finds that it is not vigilantes who are at work, but an international ring involved in the multi-million pound trade harvesting body tissue. Asylum seekers, refugees with nothing, are easy pickings for the ruthless gangsters behind the evil trade.

But who else is behind it? And why is there no urgency by the authorities to pursue the culprits?

Reviews for Screams in the Dark:

What makes these books really special is the way Anna has made her characters so real life like they could be your friend, your neighbour or friends and that’s how I like my fictional characters to bed. What I also love about these books is that not only are the characters so real like but the Glasgow that is portrayed is exactly like the Glasgow that we all know and love, it feels like you are actually in the book and living, seeing and breathing what Rosie and all the characters are. Part of this could be down to the fact that the author Anna Smith worked as journalist before she became a full time writer and is able to add a bit of her own real life experiences to her books. Amazon Review

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