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The Dead Wont Sleep:

....A DECOMPOSED body washes up on a beach near Glasgow. The victim. Tracy Eadie.Junkie. Prostitute. Fourteen years old.

Rosie Gilmour, tabloid journalist and crusader for justice, receives evidence linking top cops with Tracy's disappearance. It seems Tracy, and the secret that was supposed to die with her, are not content to rest.
Digging deeper, Rosie uncovers a sickening network of corruption and child abuse, leading back to the very top of the establishment. And to powerfull figures who want their secrets kept hidden.

Rosie has found the story of a lifetiime. Yet living to tell it will be her greatest challenge.
The Dead Won't Sleep is a gritty, needle-sharp thriller that spotlights both the streets of Glasgow and the inescapable perils of a life on them. It is also a story about following your heart and fighting for the truth, no matter what the danger...

Reviews for The Dead Wont Sleep:

’The Dead Won’t Sleep’ is a cracking crime thriller telling the story of tabloid journalist, Rosie Gilmour, unearthing corruption, greed and murder.

“Every single word rings true and, it is so cinematic, I’d be amazed if movie and TV companies aren’t falling over themselves to get it on the large or small screen. I’m glad to hear that this is the first in a series of books about [main character] Rosie [Gilmour] and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one.” - Lorraine Kelly

this entire book had me totally and utterly enthralled from start to finish. It's already been recommended to all my friends and family, and now I'm recommending it to you lot too. - Best Crime Books

The cover suggests that the book is “As good as Martina Cole” but I’m not a huge fan of Cole and found this much more enjoyable.  Whilst this is not an easy read Gilmour is a great leading character, despite her flaws, and I look forward to reading more about her when To Tell the Truth is published in 2012. - Novel Heights

A tale of corruption, prostitution, gangland danger, drugs and paedophilia, this story echoes Anna's experiences as a young female journalist in Glasgow during the eighties and nineties. Drawing on her past life as a foundation for her new series, 'The Dead Won't Sleep' is a captivating tale. - RTE Book Review

 A compelling, concisely written page turner, with a feisty heroine. A natural for TV adaptation. - Irish Examiner

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